Minor Atack On Meta

April 5, 2017, 9:50 a.m. (1 year ago)

There is a russian (I did not find english version, so I guessed it is russian) chess joke:

A chess player had died and then went into Heaven and there were all chess masters: Morphy, Lasker, Tal, Capablanka, Alekhine, etc. And that player goes to Alekhine and asks him: "Can I play with you?". "I guess we may play." says Alekhine. They set up board, sat to play, was decided that newcomer would play white. He went e4 and Alekhine instantly gave up. Newcomer was very confused, "What happened? Why did you gave up?" he asked. "Dear friend," said Alekhine, "You just came here, but we have been here a long time. If you play right e4 always wins."


So what we want from SH? We want to make decisions and be responsible for them. I have been playing over a year and I can hardly recall any game I won. And its not because I didn't win, I just not interested in games that I've won / was on side of winners. But I can clearly remember almost every game I've lost, coz I've made my mind at some point and I wasn't right, I was responsible for my teammates, for result of a game and it made me to analyze these games, to experience these emotions, it made me to improve my decisions making. And first reaction was indeed some meta, but I've noticed very fast, that with meta I am never responsible. I can follow rules very well, and if rules are always right I just can't be wrong. Without responsibility game was not fun.

Problem with the strict meta is: you're not playing the game, you just make predicted moves. When some person, let's call them John, decides to teach people to not make decisions and just implement a meta – it kills very meaning of the game. And only way for them to undo that, to have meaningful, interesting game – is to play with people who are disagreeing with them; who will put them into position where they have to make decisions great again. But would they responsible for game result? Would they enjoy that game?..


That blog unfinished as hell, I want to put things in order, but have no time to lose (I currently have two jobs), so I can move things very little...