How to cure paranoia

May 14, 2017, 1:23 p.m. (11 months, 1 week ago)

Disclaimer: not a secret hitler post.

I am very bad chess player. And while playing games at I've noticed a few things – it is quite hard to win and it is easy to lose in a game of chess. As most players, I am better at things that are easy and I feel like giving up every time when game is going bad for me. But interesting enough, when I am in winning position, many of my opponents (most of them has rating about mine) are trying hard not to lose, which made me ask myself: "Am I giving up too fast?". Thats question I kept asking myself for a few weeks at least and finally get tired of that.

Well, time to answer that question, since I reged my GrailFinder account, I played 863 games, lets just look at the data:

Well, clear enough that most moves in draw games, but about others...

Lets just look at means:

As you can clearly see, answer is rather no. But it would be nice to compare that data to something else. If only I had data from my old account... oh wait, I do have that data and theres 1355 games on it!


Woah man, I really like to lose. Whats the deal with those means?:

Actually number of moves in games I've won or drew didn't change, but I've increased average lengths of my lost games on 5 moves, that is nice. I think now I have one less thing to be paranoid about.



Do not try to predict game result based on rating of players with linear regression or svm, its a mess:

(for curing my paranoia I used python3.6, modules: python-chess, pandas, matplotlib)