How to be (not) good liberal

March 18, 2017, 2:47 a.m. (1 year, 1 month ago)

  1. Be silent. Only fascists like to talk and use arguments, because they want us to lose.

  2. Do not ask questions. Just play blue cards.

  3. Always force blue. Blue cards is main victory condition for liberals.

  4. Exclude players that play red from power. They're probably fascists.

  5. Always be strict and follow meta. Only fascists wants to break rules that helps liberals to control game.

  6. Players that votes not like you probably fascists. You should down vote them.

  7. If player did something you did not liked, you should call him/her (#g_d_m) fascist and be rude with them. But not answer their questions! Especially ones with arguments, just troll them a bit with 'lol, salty fascist, you're so awful and obvious', because they needs motivation to get better.

  8. If your team won you should say that fascists were really obvious and bad to motivate them.

  9. If your team lose you should be mad and blame the ones who used arguments, because it is their fault.

  10. Remember that only liberals that playes like you deserves any respect.


I believe that following these rules while being liberal will give you some advantage over fascists and if you want to use them but exclude some points about disrespectful behavior it is certainly an option.

Problem is: I disagree that liberals should have any advantage over fascists. As liberal player I always want to hear fascist lies, because I know that fascist role is hard and deserves respect even more than liberal. I want fascists to try and deceive me but I can't be deceived if I didn't give them that chance.

As a game Secret Hitler is solve able and unbalanced. Yes, random sometimes helps fascists, but other times it doesn't. You can be strict and waste your time on boring game or admit that you can be more open to fascists and have a great challenge that is really fun to solve.



8+ players game. President 1 and Chancellor 7 played blue (1->7 => blue). 2->8 => blue. 3->6 (meta is broken though smiley) => blue. 3 or 4 blue cards were claimed. Should 4 be elected?

Strict liberal answer: "No. 4 is probably fascist. Better to skip presidency to 6 and they will test 4".

Although that answer is logical and not wrong but playing like that is taking away all the fun from fascists and liberals themselves. Yes 4 might be fascist and it is reasonable to skip them and test later, but let 4 be president, give them a chance. Because 4 are going to be red president and best part is – they still might be liberal and now fascists might have a padsy.

10 players game. Hitler Zone. Paranoia at the table. You're liberal that investigated another liberal who now is candidate for president and he/she (#g_d_m) picks a person who is probably not Hitler (because they got neined harshly or something). 5r1b in the deck. What you're going to do?

Strict liberal answer: "Remind to others once again that current government is liberal and vote ja. If some liberal will vote nein its their fault and they should be blamed after the game."

Make a deal. There are two types of people who wants to nein that gov: liberals who not sure that president is liberal and will not kill a liberal if gets a bullet and fascists who know. Promise them that if red will be played, investigated liberal will kill you (the investigator). For fascists it is played red and killed liberal. For liberals who thinks that investigated liberal is fascist you're also fascist, and you will discard 2r cards that would increase your chances to topcard blue afterwards.



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